Holistic Development


Classes Subjects
I to III English, Mathematics, E.V.S.
II Language: Tamil (for Grades I, II, and III)
III Language: Hindi (Grade III)
IV to V English, Mathematics, Science, Social Science
II Language: Tamil (Grade IV) Tamil/Hindi (Grade V)
III Language: Hindi (for Grade IV), Hindi/Tamil (For Grade V)
VI to X English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, History & Civics, Geography & Economics
II Language: Grade VI (Tamil/Hindi); Grade VII and VIII (Tamil/Hindi/French)
III Language: Grade VI and VII (Tamil/Hindi); Grade VIII (Tamil/Hindi/French)

Class XI & XII

Subject streams offered at the senior secondary level.

Engineering Medicine Management Humanities
English English English English
Physics Physics Business studies Entrepreneurship         
Chemistry Chemistry Accountancy Political Science
Mathematics Biology Economics Psychology
Informatics Practices Mathematics/Psychology           Mathematics/Informatics Practices Sociology

Optional: Physical Education can be chosen as one of the subjects in any group.

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