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Dinamalar, Times of India, The Hindu - New Multi Sport artificial turf

The Hindu - Young World - Painting Competition 2016-17

Salaam to Kalam

Siblings create World Record - Dinamani

Siblings create World Record - The Hindu

Siblings create World Record - TOI

Yuvabharathi made City Pride

6 year Old Skates

Yuvabharathi Champion - Athlete Games

Yuva Blood Donation Campaign

Children of Yuvabharathi hosted a Blood donation Drive on 13 Sep 2014. Around 170 parents , neighbors and friends of students of Yuvabharathi public School donated their blood as a part of it. The spark was created onto them last year when children were taken to the streets for a road safety campaign. The hazards of non-adherence to road rules and their implications were taught to them. The statistics of lives lost on roads created a stir within the minds of these children who decided to form a group and take the challenge of saving such lives. Hence this initiative of campaigning for blood donation. The spark was then ignited when they realised the amount of lives that can be saved by just a few units of blood. children began campaigning in and around the school and it all began.

Quiz'tive Inter school

In Quiz'tive Inter school quiz competition at Stanes was conducted by Stanes Hr. Sec school. Around 32 schools participated and our students Arun Ravi and Krishna Prahlaadh secured the Rolling Trophy after 7 level of challenging rounds.

Anti Drug Day Procession

Every year, June 26 is observed as the international day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking, in accordance with a United Nations directive. Yuvabharathi Public School, Kanuvai, organized a felicitous procession, by its students of the National Cadet Corps, to commemorate the day, and create awareness of the dangers and evils of drug abuse. The procession, flagged off by the national welfare project officer of Yuvabarathi Public School Mr. Rajesh, set off from Kanuvai and proceeded all the way to Vadavalli Road. The participants displayed placards and banners that carried a variety of awakening and persuading slogans against drug abuse – "Let's forget alcohol, and remember the future" declared one, while another urged, "Don't mortgage your lives to buy alcohol." "Smoke is our enemy", "Life is to live, not to fall", were also part of the central message. The whole event was intended not only to call upon the section of the youth, that is in the grip of deadly habits, to do away with those habits at once, but also to prevent the section that may be miserably prone to fall prey to those habits, from eventually doing so.

Robotic Olympiad - The Hindu

Yuvabharathi Public School is proud to be a part of World Robotic Olympiad which was held at Indonesia between Nov 15 - 17. Our students S.Dhiram, C.Dheekshana and R.Sanjesh have won in the Indian Robot Olympiad at New Delhi on Sep 15. Our students worked on a model of Robot on the theme conservation of Western Ghats. Yuvabharathi Public school feels dignified to represent India at the World Roboitc Olympiad.

Standing Up With A Million Indian Children - The Hindu

Yuvabharathi Public School participated in the 'Standing Up With A Million Indian Children', a venture by Shanthi Ashram held at PSG Public School. This initiative focuses on the rights of all children and need for the school children to help those from less privileged backgrounds. A group of students from Yuvabharathi Public School enacted a play showing the pathetic condition of the street children. The impact on the students to help the needy was obvious, the event taught life lessons which is difficult to be acheived inside classrooms.

Unspoken Truth - The Hindu

Yuvabharathi Public School, Coimbatore, organised Grandparents Day and an interface between grandparents and students recently, and encouraged them to 'talk' to each other.

SAMARPAN - Dinamalar

SAMARPAN, the Grandparent's day celebration at Yuvabharathi Public School, Coimbatore is featured in The Hindu Metro plus, Coimbatore dated 9th Oct, 2013.