Academic Climate


Science Labs

Yuva Labs

All the labs in Yuvabharathi are spacious, well equipped and following high standards of safety.

  • Physics laboratory
  • Chemistry Laboratory
  • Biology Laboratory

Computer Labs

Yuva Labs

The three Computer labs in Yuvabharathi are designed as to accommodate 60 children at a time with the latest computer systems.

Audio Visual Lab

Yuva Labs

Our Audio Visual Lab is well equipped with high end sound system, LCD projector-screen and is spacious enough to accommodate around eighty children and facilitates presentations, seminars and workshops conducted in Yuvabharathi.

Mass Media lab

Yuva Labs

Our Media Lab has Mac computers that runs on Core i3 processor. They are provided with 8GB RAM and 1TB hard disk memory to help heavy storage. Wireless keyboards and mouses make things all the more easier to use. All other features are in-built along with dual operating systems. Various professional softwares are installed in those computers for the projects that students work on. Some of them are Adobe photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, Macromedia Flash and more.

We also have an LCD projector and screen that provides the learning environment a technical edge.

Math Lab

Yuva Labs

Our Math Lab facilitates the teaching of math lessons in an interactive and engaging way. The lab aids in the mathematisation of the child's thought processes by providing concrete mathematical experiences. Children are motivated to learn mathematics by getting involved in handling various concrete manipulants in various activities and games.

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