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Yuvabharathi’s novel outreach activity, MovieZen- a student-led Virtual film festival for a cause

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Yuvabharathi Public School, Coimbatore has joined hands with Shanti Ashram in various outreach programmes that include International Poverty Eradication and Poverty solutions programmes, Standing Up With A Million Indian Children’ campaign, Peace festivals, GenFest12 held at Budapest, GNRC 5th Forum based on the theme: “Ending Violence against Children: Faith Communities in Action” in Panama in 2017, Global week of Faith in Action for Children and the like. Yuvabharathi has been conducting annual blood donation camps in association with the Ganga Hospitals since 2014, conducted fairs to contribute the proceedings to Gaja cyclone relief fund and education of girl children. Awareness campaigns on cleanliness and free medical camps were organised and conducted by the students of Yuvabharathi to benefit the residents of the nearby village adopted by the school in 2019. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is a lull only in the face to face outreach activities of Yuvabharathi since 2020.

Yuvabharathi observed that the pandemic has hit the animal shelters hard as the donations are drying up. Hence the School devised a way to contribute to Humane Animal Society (HAS) that depends merely on donations for the general running and upkeep of the services.

The students of the Department of Mass Media Studies of Yuvabharathi organised and conducted an online Film Festival christened MovieZen. Tickets were sold to the school community and the amount collected through the sale of the tickets was donated to HAS in August 2021.

Ms. S. Harinie from Grade 12, a student member of the organising committee of MovieZen, has penned her thoughts on this philanthropic journey:

“MovieZEN, the virtual film festival with a cause, hosted by the students of grades 11 and 12 of the department of Mass Media, has been a long and successful journey. An event is not just about what it brings forth but is also about the unseen efforts of the team that worked for it. With the idea of the film festival in mind, 12 teams of various kinds with a common goal undertook tasks to bring about a totality to the concept turned reality, MovieZEN. Ears that listen and hands of support at varying levels of our institution were the significant keys that made this journey exponential.

The three-day event was successful due to the spirited participation of 183 parents and students of the Yuva community. The earnest curiosity to know what MovieZEN is all about was created by the team’s promotional activities via the school’s social media handles. Tickets were sold online and a good sum was raised through this fundraising event.

MovieZEN began with a cause, and finished with its contribution to a better future, by donating the funds to the Humane Animal Society (HAS) in Coimbatore on 26 August 2021. A small group of MovieZEN volunteers also had the opportunity to spend time with the canines in the shelter. The experience of the students who visited the shelter was encapsulated in one word – “overwhelming”.

The time spent at HAS was very insightful and truly marked the purpose of the entire event. Our Principal’s encouragement and the guidance of the Mass media teachers have enabled us to accomplish this novel mission. The conclusion of MovieZEN happened on the third day…. but the happiness of contributing to the better lives for the canines at the shelter, the warm and motivating feedback and many more such precious moments will be etched in our memories forever.”

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