Career Guidance 2022 - 23


The Career Guidance Cell at Yuvabharathi conducted in-house sessions on " How to manage exam stress and score better" for grade 10 students in December 2022. The counsellor, Mr. Anand Jeyasingh, used an infographic-based presentation to help students understand the tips on managing exam-related stress. The objective of the gathering was to develop a specific ability in pupils to cope with stress while gearing up for the examinations. Every student can improve their ability to be aware of what they are truly thinking at any given time. This was the genuine benefit of all the strategies mentioned in the infographic. The majority of the time, thoughts are fearful foreboders of failure. Once students are aware of this, they learn how to change their 'negative thoughts' into more optimistic ones or let them pass by rather than allowing them to rule their thoughts.

Yuvabharathi - the haven for the Best CBSE Education

Yuvabharathi has been ranked as Number 1 in the city - Top CBSE school in Coimbatore- for three years by the EducationWorld Magazine and has made it to the prestigious list of Top 50 Schools that have been recognised as 'Future 50 Schools Shaping Success '. Having established itself as the Best Public School in Coimbatore in its first decade, it is the fourth time in a row that Yuvabharathi was conferred as one of the Top Schools in India in 2022 and won accolades for excelling in the categories namely Academic Excellence, Co-curricular activities, Best infrastructure school, Excellence in Sports Education, STEM Education, Best Happiness Quotient Index School, Excellence in Inspirational leadership, Best Online Teaching Practices and the Best CBSE School by Brainfeed School Excellence Awards.Careers360 magazine has awarded the Best Schools in India 2022 certificate with an AAAA+ grade to Yuvabharathi Public School for the academic year 2021-22.

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