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Connecting Globally

Yuvabharathi hosted a group of 20 students and 3 Teachers for Cultural Immersion Program from Singapore.

These sessions are principally designed to enhance inter-cultural understanding between Tamil Nadu and Singapore. The gathering enabled the building of a productive dialogue between the participating countries. It also provided an invaluable opportunity for networking and fruitful contacts between countries

Students performed an assembly based on the theme 'Disaster Management' given by the tag line 'Prepare and Prevent and Not Repair and Repent. They demonstrated a working model of Ham Radio and elaborated on its uses during times of disasters when all other modes of communication become stand still.

Following the assembly was a dance drama on 'Silapathikaram' - The Jeweled Anklet - written by the 6th century tamil scholar Illango adikal, and a medley of folk dances specific to the region.

In a nutshell it was actually a cultural immersion and a colorful feast for the eyes.