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Education would be much more effective if its purpose was to ensure that by the time they leave school every boy and girl should know how much they do not know, and be imbued with a lifelong desire to know it. - William Haley

YBPS has been designed to take into consideration not only academics but also artistic developments of the children population. To do away with rote and stereotype academic learning, we at Yuvabharathi Public School have adopted exacting standards in education with the support of multimedia, activity & project based learning as pivot of all our instructional strategies. To initiate inquiry and to ignite the mind's eye for knowledge is what Yuvabharathi Public School strives to attain.

Mr. Chinnasamy

A lawyer by profession, Thiru RS.Chinnasamy has been a pillar to Bharath Educational Society in all its endeavours. His moral support and his valuable advices to the society from time to time has seen the society through its thick and thin.

Mrs. Jaya Chinnasamy

Our guide and visionary, she has contributed to the field of education with dedication for fifty years. She was honored for her services by Honorable Home Minister Mr.P.Chidambaram. Her interest and passion for guiding the future generations was the reason for setting up of the Bharath Educational Society in 1972. The first seed was sown in the form of Bharathi Matriculation Higher Secondary School. With more érudites to support her vision, it branched out into Bharathi Rehabilitation centre for the differently abled children.

Mr. Anand

Following her footsteps Mr.C.Anand took her mission forward in the field of education. Having obtained a Diploma in Educational Institutional Management from The University of Manchester,UK. He has been the vice principal of Bharathi Matriculation Higher Secondary School and also headed The Jaycee High School before Yuvabharathi Public School branched out. Yuvabharathi Public School is the dream child carefully nurtured by Mr.Anand and Dr.Bhuvana Anand which is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education.

Dr. Bhuvana Anand

A Doctorate in education technology from Bharathiar University, she has been the principal of Bharathi Matriculation Higher Secondary School since 1999. It was during this period that the Bharathi College of Education was started. She envisaged the concept of smart and virtual class rooms and Yuvabharathi Public School was the first of its kind in Coimbatore. Her dreams and flight of imagination have also led to the birth of Yuvabharathi International School in Singapore.

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